Rhea Central Family Engagement Plan

Rhea Central Elementary School, with the collaboration of parents, has developed a written plan in order to meet certain expectations for parent and family involvement. The plan will be reviewed annually, and updated as appropriate to meet the changing needs of all families in our school. Names of individuals involved in the development of this plan are on file in the parent involvement notebook. A copy of this policy is included in the materials available for review at each Title I Parent Meeting, the annual system-wide meeting, and at the two scheduled parent-teacher conference nights.


The Rhea Central Family Engagement Plan shall meet the following objectives:


1. Hold an annual meeting to inform parents of the following information:

Ø School's participation in and requirements for the Title I Program

Ø Their rights as parents to be involved in the school

Ø The school's curriculum

Ø Academic assessment measures utilized for student achievement (TCAP)

Ø Proficiency levels assigned to measure student progress (AYP)


2. Hold a flexible number of meetings for the parent's convenience such as:

Ø Parent-teacher conferences (twice a year after school)

Ø Parent-teacher conferences during teacher planning time, before, or after school (upon request)

Ø Kindergarten and Sixth grade Orientation night in the evening at the beginning of the year.

Ø Open House night held in the evening near the beginning of the school year.

Ø PTO meetings (once a month in the evening)


3. Involve parents in an organized, ongoing, and timely way in the planning, review and improvement of programs through the following means:

Ø Phone calls, notes, and personal contact at school

Ø Home visits when needed

Ø Parent volunteers

Ø PTO meetings

Ø Monthly event calendars


4. Provide information in a timely manner utilizing the following:

Ø Phone calls, letters, home visits

Ø Report cards

Ø Mid-Six weeks progress reports

Ø Newsletters

Ø Web site with state standards

Ø TCAP scores (sent home yearly)


5. Upon request, RCES will provide parents with the opportunity to make suggestions, participate in decisions relating to their child's education, and respond to the suggestions as practicably as possible. This will be accomplished by the following avenues:

Ø Family suggestion box in the front lobby

Ø Parent survey in the front lobby

Ø Open floor at PTO meetings to discuss suggestions

Ø IEP meetings

Ø S-team and M-team meetings (Comments of families participating children concerning dissatisfaction with the LEA plan or the school wide program plan are attached to the plan when submitted to the SEA and LEA respectfully. All parent requests are submitted to the school's Title I planning team. Reasonable support for family involvement activities requested by families is provided by the individual school and the LEA)


Rhea Central Elementary School, in partnership with families and the community desire to empower each child to achieve his or her fullest potential to become a lifelong learner and a responsible citizen. We are committed to fostering high achievement expectations and promoting positive attitudes in order to attain equity and excellence in a safe and nurturing environment.


Certain expectations are expected for faculty, staff, parents/guardians, and students. These expectations are as follows:


1. School staff will strive to:

Ø Believe that each child can learn

Ø Respect and value the uniqueness of each child and his or her family

Ø Provide an environment that promotes active learning

Ø Assist each child in achieving the essential academic learning requirements

Ø Document ongoing assessment of each child's academic progress

Ø Maintain open lines of communication with students and families

Ø Seek ways to involve families in the school program

Ø Demonstrate professional behavior and a positive attitude


2. Families/Guardians will strive to:

Ø Believe my child can learn

Ø Show respect and support for my child, the staff, and the school

Ø See that my child attends school regularly and is on time

Ø Provide a quiet place for my child to study at home

Ø Encourage my child to complete all homework assignments

Ø Attend parent-teacher conferences, communicate frequently with faculty, and volunteer whenever possible

Ø Support the school in developing positive behaviors in my child

Ø Talk with my child about his or her school activities each day

Ø Encourage my child to read at home, and apply all their learning to daily life.


3. Students will strive to:

Ø Believe that I can learn

Ø Show respect for myself, my school, and other people

Ø Always try to do my best in my work and my behavior

Ø Work cooperatively with other students and staff

Ø Obey rules in the classroom and throughout the school

Ø Come to school prepared with my homework and supplies



Rhea County School System Title I Home-School Compact



The Rhea County School System's mission is to help develop every local child into a productive, literate, creative citizen with a healthy self-esteem and critical thinking skills. This child should be confident in communication and problem solving skills, and be aware of who we are and where we are and be knowledgeable of other cultures.


Rhea Central Elementary School's staff wishes to work with you, your child, and family in building a partnership to help your child achieve the state's high standards of education. We believe that high student performance is a shared responsibility for parents, school staff, and students.


We invite you to attend parent-teacher conferences, to share regular progress reports, and to visit, volunteer, participate, and/or observe your child's class.


We promise to work together for the success of your child in his/her school experience. In return we ask that you:


  • Encourage punctual and regular school attendance.
  • Support your child's learning at home.
  • Provide your child with support, love, and understanding.
  • Monitor television watching in the home.
  • Represent your child at school functions.
  • Participate in decisions relating to the education of your child.
  • Communicate with your child's teacher.
  • Support the school in its efforts to maintain proper discipline and to encourage self-control and self-motivation.
  • Uphold the teachers and school.


School Administration
Principal - Rhonda Freeman
Assistant Principal - Grant Roddy