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The Tiki Times                Sept. 4-7, 2012

Mrs. Farnsworth, Mrs. Pendergrass, Mr. Swafford           

School News
-Please remember to clip any Boxtops for Education you find on your favorite foods and send those in. Our school earns 10 cents for each boxtop. We raise over $1,000 annually through the boxtops program. We also collect Campbell’s Soup labels, so be on the lookout for those!

  • Sept. 11 - RCES Gondolier Night

Reading/Language Arts
This week we will not add a new story. Since this is a short week, we are going to use it to go more indepth on some of the previous weeks’ skills. We will review subject and predicate. We will also study independent and dependent clauses. We will review plot, character, cause and effect, etc. We will also use this week for anyone who has missed tests or quizzes to make those up. Anyone who missed the “Frindle” Spelling or Vocabulary Test will take those on Wednesday. Those who missed a test from “Thunder Rose” will take them on Thursday. Those who missed an “Island of the Blue Dolphins” test will take those on Friday. If your child is missing a test, a note was given to him/her today making them aware of when the test day would be. There will not be any Reading/Language Arts homework this week.

  We will continue our study of fractions this week.  Please help your students memorize their multiplication facts.  We will begin taking Division Quizzes on Friday.  
  Students are required to correct any Math papers with a grade of 70 or below.  Students are to correct any incorrect answers on a separate sheet of paper and attach it to the original work.  Partial credit will be given for corrections, resulting in a better grade.  Any student, no matter what the grade, may correct work for partial credit.
  Also, Homework Island will begin this week.  Students must turn in all homework on time to remain on the Island.  Rewards will be given at the end of the month!

Science/Social Studies
Students did a wonderful job on the Science test last week! This week we will begin studying landforms and geographical features in Social Studies. We will also begin studying Chapter 6 in Science this week. The chapter is over Earth’s formation and how geological changes take place. Science and Social Studies lessons will complement each other as we progress the next two weeks. We will not have any tests this week.

Friday- Division Quiz

Happy Labor Day!


  • Math

Thursday - Math